The Willoughby Parks & Recreation Department strives to bring quality programs (educational, artistic, athletic) to our residents. We offer a variety of programs for preschool aged children through senior aged adults as well as family events, community-wide events and special events.

We are always looking for new and exciting programs. If you are interested in sharing your talent with the local community or have suggestions for new programs, email us.

Special Events

Many special events happen throughout the year, from Holiday events to family events. Check us out monthly to see what we have to offer!

Ages 2-6

Preschool classes are offered to teach children the basics, including motor skills, coordination, socialization, etc.  Some classes are parent/child, while others are for the children only! Classes include: Start Smart Sports Series, Dance Classes, Mrs. Johnson’s Preschool Classes, Aquatics, and others.

Ages 7-12

Classes range from educational language to sports to arts/dance. All classes are guaranteed to provide structure and fun for all involved. Classes include: Dance Classes, Kids Karate, Art/Computer, Sports Leagues (Basketball, Wrestling, etc.), and others.

Ages 13-18

Offerings are more intense and more specific to keep the teens busy. Classes include: Ski Club, Computer Classes, Skate Park, Sports Leagues, and more.


Camps are offered for children ages 4 and older.


Our How-to classes have helped adults with many subjects! We have offered classes from Home Maintenance to Animal Massage to Exercise programs.


Our seniors are young! They do many activities that a normal senior center does not do! They like to stay young by participating in sports/fitness, dancing, trips and art classes. Check out the Senior Center page for details.