March 2021

As we look towards spring, I experienced a recent event that helps to define this season. I had the privilege of marrying a young couple who live near our downtown. When they first reached out to me, they expressed a sense of urgency, and it was not until the day of their wedding that I

February 2021

Mayor’s Report – published in the Willoughby Times:As we begin our budget process for 2021, we are happy to report that 2020 ended with Willoughby in a sound financial position. Although we suffered approximately $1.2 million in lost income tax revenue, our CARES Act funding, advanced Bureau of Workers Compensation payments, and overall “belt-tightening” helped

January 2021

I recently gave our directors a holiday gift that perfectly sums up last year. It is a simple, white porcelain cup with the header “2020” and below it the star rating system we often see on Amazon and other online purchasing sites. The year received a one-star rating with the comment, “Terrible Year. Would not

December 2020

This year we added a new expression to our vocabulary: Pandemic Fatigue. It is the anxiety, frustration, and concerns we have with this ongoing health issue. With our focus on COVID-19, we have had little time to think about the successes of 2020. While the pandemic has changed our lives, in some instances permanently, there

November 2020

Mayor’s Article as feature in The Willoughby Times: This holiday season will be unlike any we have experienced. The lingering effects of the pandemic will change our shopping, gift-giving and celebration customs as we attempt to create some normalcy out of an extremely abnormal situation. As the season approaches, we encourage our residents to “shop

October 2020

As we start the early months of fall, we are happy to report we are managing the financial impact of COVID-19 well.  The CARES Act funding, as well as excellent management of expenses, has helped soften our loss of about 1.2 million dollars of income tax revenue. We see an increase in revenue during the

September 2020

September Willoughby Times Article: Last year at this time, we were reporting about the success of our great summer events as we prepared for the fall. Unfortunately, the summer of 2020 is quite a different story. A pandemic effectively shut down much of our local economy and two downtown road construction projects impacted restaurants, bars,

August 2020

This summer has turned out to be one of constant change, primarily driven by COVID-19. While statistical reporting of the pandemic has been questioned and challenged at both the state and federal levels, we have the best data from our Lake County General Health District. This information, along with weekly phone conferences with the health

July 2020

To say the summer of 2020 is exceptional would be an understatement! Willoughby is experiencing continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social and economic backlash it has created. As we move through the next months, we will face continued unknowns. We are working under guidelines and directives as issued by the State of