October 2022

Mayor’s Report as printed in Willoughby Times:We continually review the condition and functionality of our

September 2022

As summer ends, we still have many exciting events planned. On September 7th, we have

August 2022

Last month we dedicated The Bridge, a gateway piece by local artist Bill Rigo. There

July 2022

June proved to be a great month with the Rib Burn Off and a well-attended

June 2022

We are happy to have our annual summer events back! These include Live Well Willoughby

May 2022

MAYOR’S REPORT AS PRINTED IN THE WILLOUGHBY TIMES: As we welcome Spring, we are pleased

April 2022

Mayor’s Report as printed in The Willoughby Times: After a long, cold, and snow-filled winter,

March 2022

March Mayor’s Report as printed in The Willoughby Times: This month we have exciting news

February 2022

Winter is upon us, and we recently experienced our first snowfalls of the year. With

January 2022

Our New Year’s resolutions are incredibly ambitious and forward-looking. I am thankful for what we