Curbside Leaf Collection

Fall leaf collection is scheduled for October 23rd through the first week of December. Residents are asked to place their loose leaves in piles on the tree lawn area between the street and the sidewalk. Please do not rake or blow leaves into the street where they are a safety hazard and could block drains.

PLEASE NOTE: Fall leaf collection schedules vary due to scale of material collected, weather and equipment availability. The schedule below may be subject to change without notice.

Collection Areas Scheduled: The City’s Leaf Collection is done for the 2020 season. We are now preparing our truck fleet for the snow.

Republic Services stopped picking up yard waste as of November 30th. For our residents who have leaves bagged up that did not make Republic Services cut off date, DeMilta Sand & Gravel located at 921 Erie Rd. will accept them (PLEASE CALL DEMILTA AT 440-942-2015 FOR PRICING). The bags will have to be emptied and thrown in the dumpster or you must take them back home with you.