Leaf Collection

Fall leaf collection has started and will continue through the first week of December. Residents are asked to place their loose leaves in piles on the tree lawn area between the street and the sidewalk. Please do not rake or blow leaves into the street where they are a safety hazard and could block drains.

PLEASE NOTE: Fall leaf collection schedules vary due to the scale of material collected, weather, and equipment availability. The schedule below may be subject to change without notice.

Yard waste may still be placed in paper lawn bags or a can marked “yard waste” and set out to be collected by Republic Services on your regular trash collection day. Please note, the last day for Republic’s Yard Waste Collection is November 30, 2021.

November 30, 2021 Leaf Collection

Wilson Ave. to Shankland Rd.

Second St. to Jordan Dr.

Side streets on the West side of Lost Nation Rd.

Side streets off of Lakeshore Blvd.