Ebola Information

The risk of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) continues to remain low for the residents, employees, and visitors to The City of Willoughby.

The City of Willoughby continues to receive and respond to daily information and updates provided by Lake Health Systems;  the State of Ohio EMS office; the Lake County General Health District; the Ohio Department of Health (ODH); and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Resources that the public can access to gain further information regarding Ebola include:

  • The ODH has activated a 24-hour-a-day call center to answer questions about Ebola and Ohio’s response. The telephone number is 1-866-800-1404.
  • For more information about Ebola, persons can visit the CDC website at cdc.gov ; the ODH website at www.odh.ohio.gov; or the Lake County General Health District website at www.lcghd.org .
  • Anyone seeking additional information regarding the Ebola virus may also call the Lake County Health Department directly at 440-350-2554.


Since its humble beginnings in 1894, the Willoughby Fire Department has grown from two companies of volunteers utilizing hose carts, to a combination full-time and part-time department of eighty-two members utilizing state-of-the-art fire fighting and emergency medical equipment. Today the Fire Department provides a wide array of emergency and non-emergency services. Services include fire suppression, paramedic-level emergency medical services, hazardous materials incident mitigation, specialized technical rescue, fire investigation, fire prevention, fire and life-safety educational programs, and FREE smoke detector installation and child car safety seat inspection services. Throughout the history of the Department our statistics have changed dramatically, yet one thing remains the same – the men and women of the Willoughby Fire Department are committed to providing the highest level of service possible.

The mission of the Willoughby Fire Department is “to protect community, life, and property through the delivery of efficient and effective fire and life safety services.” Our mission is accomplished through the delivery of emergency and non-emergency public safety services. Although non-emergency services play a significant role in fire and life safety prevention, it is the emergency services that, by nature, garner most of the attention.

Public Records Policy

Our city government belongs to the citizens of the City of Willoughby. We conduct our government activities in the open, and we are proud of our strong commitment to this important principle of democracy. View our Public Records Policy here.