Business Districts

Please refer to the City of Willoughby’s zoning map for locations of each district.

Limited Residential District (LR-B) – Established for the residential areas along Euclid Avenue near downtown that are undergoing change, in order to ensure that future non-residential development is compatible with the existing character of the area.

Office Building District (O-B) – To provide and promote accessible and visible office parks where offices are clustered with minimal intrusion from non-office uses.

Downtown Business District (D-B) – Preserves the downtown as a core for retail sales and to provide opportunities for supplemental housing that supports the downtown retail and, more specifically, is consistent with the evaluations or surveys of buildings that have been conducted by the City; ensures that this district promotes and enhances compact pedestrian orientation by permitting buildings close to the street and to one another and by modifying the parking regulations.

Retail Business District (R-B) – Established to provide for certain retail and personal service establishments in areas adjacent to residential neighborhoods that are not located at major intersections or on major streets and to ensure that these areas are developed in a manner appropriate for locations abutting residential areas.

General Business District (G-B) – Allows commercial services and activities in locations that are adequately served by major streets and other facilities and encourages the grouping of businesses in shopping centers.

Lakeshore Gateway District (L-G) – This district allows an appropriate mix of commercial, retail, and residential development and redevelopment opportunities in the lakefront area.

Commercial and Industrial Districts

Limited Industry District (L-I) – Intended for establishments that utilize processes in which dust, smoke, fumes, glare, odors or other objectionable influences can be controlled and which normally generate only limited outdoor activities in association with a principal activity that is conducted primarily indoors.

General Industry District (G-I) – To provide for establishments that utilize products and processes which involve some dust, smoke, fumes, glare, odors or other objectionable influences but do not create any dangers to the health and safety of the surrounding neighborhoods, and which involve outdoor storage of goods and supplies as well as access to rail transportation and major truck routes.

Airport District (A) – This specialized district limits uses to those which are logical, necessary and beneficial to the optimum and safe operation of Lost Nation Airport by providing development controls and adhering to FAA regulations.

Residential Districts

One-Family Residential – Established residential districts which include R-100, R-80, R-60, and R-50 that provide specific standards for uses, lot width, size of lots, maximum buildable areas, and setbacks.

Multi-Family Residential – Created to regulated the size, height and density of multi-family residential developments which include Residential – Multi-Family – Low Rise (R-MF-L), Residential – Multi-Family – Mid Rise (R-MF-M) and Residential – Multi-Family – High Rise (R-MF-H).

Manufactured Home Park Districts – Established to maintain standards and permitted areas for mobile home parks.