The Willoughby Police Department is currently staffed with 43 full-time and 20 part-time officers, and 23 civilian staff. Nine of those are Communications Operators (dispatchers). This is complemented with several part-time civilian staff and a variable number of part-time sworn officers up to thirty-three at full staff. The Department is comprised of a number of divisions including:

  • Patrol
  • Detective Bureau
  • Community Involvement
  • Court/Jail Officers
  • Dispatch
  • Clerical
  • Victims’ Advocates
  • Administration

Within those divisions, there is a firearms training unit, Crash investigation unit, DARE Officers, Motorcycle unit, ERT (SWAT) officers, Defensive Tactics instructors, Evidence, Photography, and other specialty areas.

The Willoughby Police Department strives to maintain a positive image in the community by making every effort to be fair in our application of the law, be pro-active in crime prevention, and maintain transparency with the public. We hold ourselves accountable and take advantage of every training opportunity possible for our staff.


The mission of the Willoughby Police Department shall be to provide a safe environment in which residents and non-residents can live and work. The Willoughby Police Department recognizes that it derives its authority from and is accountable to the community it serves. The Department will continually strive to provide effective and efficient police service consistent with the community’s needs and concerns. This mission shall be accomplished by the prompt but fair enforcement of the local and state laws. We believe the basic concerns of the citizens of Willoughby include a desire for peace, tranquility, and freedom from crime and disorder. We further believe that only through a coordinated police-community effort can public order and safety be achieved and sustained; therefore, we will actively encourage community support in a cooperative effort to achieve this mission.

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