As of February 2021, an appointment is required to apply for a solicitor’s permit. Please call 953.4200 to make an appointment.

Active Permits (updated March 22, 2024)

Solicitation and Canvassers Overview
Any organization or individual going door-to-door at private residences within the City of Willoughby to sell a good or service or solicit donations of any kind or size is required to obtain a Solicitation/Canvassing Permit.

Canvassers who are going door-to-door with the sole purpose of distributing information are not required to obtain a Solicitation/Canvassing Permit.

If an individual/organization does not obtain a Permit, they are not allowed to solicit for donations at any time.

The permit does not provide permission to solicit where notice of No Solicitation or No Trespass has been provided by the property owner. This also applies to canvassing organizations not required to receive a permit.

Individuals with valid permits MUST have the city-issued ID visible at all times.
Application procedure and information

Municipal Code

No Solicitation Signs

The City has made available free-of-charge “No Solicitors” postcards which are designed to deter individuals or entities wishing to sell a product or service. These cards are available at City Hall.