The Willoughby Parks & Recreation Department provides educational, artistic, and athletic programs to residents of all ages.

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Ages 2-6

Preschool classes are offered to teach children the basics, including motor skills, coordination, socialization, etc.  Some classes are parent/child, while others are for the children only! Classes include: Start Smart Sports Series, Dance Classes, Mrs. Johnson’s Preschool Classes, Aquatics, and others.

Ages 7-12

Classes range from educational language to sports to arts/dance. All classes are guaranteed to provide structure and fun for all involved. Classes include: Dance Classes, Kids Karate, Art/Computer, Sports Leagues (Basketball, Wrestling, etc.), and others.

Ages 13-18

Offerings are more intense and more specific to keep the teens busy. Classes include: Ski Club, Computer Classes, Skate Park, Sports Leagues, and more.


Camps are offered for children ages 4 and older.


Our How-to classes have helped adults with many subjects! We have offered classes from Home Maintenance to Animal Massage to Exercise programs.


Our seniors are young! They do many activities that a normal senior center does not do! They like to stay young by participating in sports/fitness, dancing, trips and art classes.

Register for Available Programs