Form Name Department File Size Action
2017 Finance Report Finance 5.9 MB
2018 Annual Report Police 4.3 MB
2018 Finance Report Finance 10.9 MB
2019 Annual Report Police 3.9 MB
2019 Finance Report Finance 9.0 MB
2020 Finance Report Finance 10.3 MB
2021 Annual Report Police 4.1 MB
2021 Finance Report Finance 9.7 MB
2022 Annual Report Police 3.3 MB
2022 Finance Report Finance 9.1 MB
Admissions Tax Form Finance 250.6 kB
Board of Zoning Appeals Application Building 245.3 kB
Business Emergency Information Form Police 758.6 kB
Certificate of Contractor Registration Application Building 494.6 kB
Certificate of Occupancy Application Building 537.9 kB
Commercial Plan Review and Permit Application Building 510.0 kB
Conditional Use Instructions and Application Building 110.3 kB
Contractor Bond Application Building 93.3 kB
CRA Guidelines and Application Community Development 153.1 kB
Deduct Meter Application Building 78.4 kB
Design Review Board Application Building 79.2 kB
Development Plan Review and Approval Application Building 374.3 kB
Electrical Permit Building 55.2 kB
Employment Application 7.7 MB
Enterprise Zone / Lake County Documentation Community Development 229.3 kB
Enterprise Zone Application Community Development 102.8 kB
Enterprise Zone Rules & Regulations Community Development 45.1 kB
Enterprise Zone Summary of Steps Community Development 67.0 kB
Environmental Assessment Statement Application (EAS) Building 124.9 kB
Fill Material Permit Building 72.7 kB
Fire Protection Permit Building 66.4 kB
Firefighter Application (Part-time) Fire 683.1 kB
Garage/Casual Sale Permit Application Service 98.9 kB
Gas Piping Permit Building 65.6 kB
Generators Permit Procedures Building 54.7 kB
GOBA Things To Do Flyer 2.1 MB
Hometown Heroes Banner Program Parks & Recreation 300.4 kB
HVAC Permit Building 66.1 kB
Lakefront District – Facade Grant Guidelines and Application Community Development 162.0 kB
Major Subdivision Final Plat Approval Building 95.0 kB
Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Approval Building 128.2 kB
Meeting Room Application 281.4 kB
Minor Subdivision, Lot Split, Lot Line Adjustment Building 365.1 kB
Operation S.C.R.A.M. Registration Police 319.9 kB
Plumbing Permit Building 58.7 kB
Police Dept – Affidavit of Fact Police 620.1 kB
Police Dept – Public Records Request Form Police 670.7 kB
Public Records Request 72.2 kB
Rat Information Service 1.6 MB
Request for Rezoning Building 104.0 kB
Residential Plan Review and Permit Application Building 489.3 kB
RFQ – Architectural Services for Police Station Community Development 98.2 kB
Right of Way Permit Building 73.5 kB
Seasonal Application 2023 Parks & Recreation 136.3 kB
Sewer Permit Building 59.0 kB
Sign Permit Procedures and Application 94.2 kB
Similar Use Application Building 99.9 kB
Special Needs Alert Form Police 674.0 kB
Summer Camp Registration Form Parks & Recreation 313.7 kB
Tax Incentive Grant Application Community Development 201.3 kB
Transient Tax Form Finance 45.5 kB
Willoughby Bike Registration Police 139.5 kB
WPD Explorer Program Application Police 11.6 kB
WPD House Check Request Police 36.2 kB
WPD Police Statement Form Police 33.4 kB
WPD Traffic Witness Statement Form Police 275.3 kB