RFQ (Aug 2021)

The Department of Economic and Community Development provides technical assistance in the expansion, retention and attraction of businesses to the City of Willoughby. It is actively involved in planning and zoning, development projects and community events and works in concert with other departments in Willoughby City Hall, as well as with several local and regional economic development partners. The goal is to ensure a vibrant economic future for the City of Willoughby.

The City of Willoughby, Ohio is soliciting statements of qualifications from qualified parks and recreation, civil engineering, and architecture landscape design professionals to provide detailed schematic design, site plans, renderings, and construction estimates for the proposed Willoughby Amphitheater and Chagrin River Trail project.
The project will generally consist of the design of an outdoor events center (Willoughby Amphitheater) and a portion of the Chagrin River Trail system (and amenities) on City-owned land located at Todd Field.

RFQ for Amphitheater and Chagrin River Trail