Driveway aprons located in the city right-of-way; however, the responsibility of aprons falls to property owners. Contact the Building Department (440) 953-4118, to secure permission for changes or improvements.

Block Party

To arrange for approval and barricade delivery call (440) 953-4111.


The City contracts annually with a concrete contractor for voluntary concrete improvements. Free estimates for the replacement of city sidewalks and aprons may be arranged for through the Service Department. Call (440) 953-4114.


Call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (800) 362-2764 at least 48 hours before digging for utilities locations.

Drainage Ditches

All premises shall be graded and maintained to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water. No owner or occupant of any premises shall cause any natural watercourse, drainage ditch, creek, brook, culvert, or drain located upon the premises to become obstructed with leaves, or other debris so that water flow is hindered. Call (440) 953-4111 for more information.

Lot Cleaning

The City Code requires property owners to keep yards and vacant lots free of trash, debris, overgrown grass and weeds. For more information, call (440) 953-4207 or (440) 953-4134.

Noxious Weeds

City code classifies uncut grass measuring 8” high as noxious weeds. Call Service (440) 953-4111 to report violators. Arrangements will be made for mowing at property owner’s expense.

Sewer (Waste Water) Service

Residents are billed for this service quarterly as part of their Lake County Dept. of Utilities utility bill. Sewer usage is based upon water consumption. Willoughby maintains the sewer system within its own city limits. Residents with sewer problems should call (440) 953-4111. After normal business hours, contact Willoughby Police at (440) 953-4217.

Sidewalks and Driveways

All sidewalks and aprons within the public right-of-way shall be kept in a proper state of repair. If they pose a possible danger to public health and safety, they will need to replaced. The city can provide a licensed contractor, however the cost is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Water Service

Water in Willoughby is provided by the Lake County Department of Utilities. Direct your water related questions to the Water Department at (440) 918-3416