City of Willoughby Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Title Department Email Phone
Ballard Heather Human Resources Administrator Finance 14409537962
Banker Judean Director of Parks and Recreation Parks & Recreation 14409534200
Bosley Diane Director of Finance Finance 14409534102
Boyd Shana Communications Coordinator Community Development 14409534190
Brooks Karen Zoning/Property Maintenance Inspector Building 14409534207
Clark James Program Coordinator Parks & Recreation 14409534200
Cook Mia Administrative Assistant Finance 14409534102
Dorsey Mike Assistant Fire Chief Fire 14409534343
Fiala Robert Mayor & Safety Director Administration 14409512800
Gorka Jack WPCC Superintendent Service 14409534186
Grinstead Vicki Boards & Commissions Secretary Building 14409534334
Hoffman Cher Deputy Finance Director Finance 14409534102
Keller Darryl Chief Building & Zoning Inspector Building 14409534120
Kocab Mike Fire Marshal Fire 14409534343
Makela Emily Administrative Assistant Service 14409534111
Martin Elaine Clerical Administration Building 14409534118
McCoy Brian Golf Course Manager Parks & Recreation (440) 953-4280
Novak Alisa Clerk of Council / Civil Service Secretary (440) 953-4121
Palmisano Rich Service Director Service (440) 953-4308
Pinkerman Charles Electrical & Building Inspector Building 14409534208
Puskas Larry Electrical & Building Inspector Building 14409534116
Sarosy David Program Coordinator Parks & Recreation 14409534200
Schultz James Police Chief Police 14409534229
Sevel Randy Assistant Police Chief Police 14409534229
Skolny Amy Senior Center Manager Parks & Recreation (440) 951-2832
Smith Philip Patrol Commander Captain Police 14409534229
Sutton Becky Senior Center Program Coordinator Parks & Recreation (440) 951-2832
Tartaglia Matthew Detective Lieutenant Police 14409534210
Thielman Tom Community Development Manager Community Development 14409534191
Tomaselli Maria Clerical Administration Building 14409534119
Ungar Todd Fire Chief Fire 14409534343