City of Willoughby Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Title Department Email Phone
Ballard Heather Human Resources Administrator Finance 14409537962
Banker Judean Director of Parks and Recreation Parks & Recreation 14409534200
Begovic John Detective Lieutenant Police 14409534240
Boyd Shana Communications Coordinator Community Development 14409534190
Brooks Karen Zoning/Property Maintenance Inspector Building 14409534207
Clark James Program Coordinator Parks & Recreation 14409534200
Cook Mia Administrative Assistant Finance 14409534102
Cooper Aly Service Department Assistant Service 14409534111
Crislip John Engineer Tech Service 14409534113
Dorsey Mike Assistant Fire Chief Fire 14409534343
Fiala Robert Mayor & Safety Director Administration 14409512800
Gorka Jack WPCC Superintendent Service 14409534186
Grinstead Vicki Boards & Commissions Secretary Building 14409534334
Hoffman Cher Director of Finance Finance 14409534102
Keller Darryl Building Inspector Building 14409534120
Kocab Mike Fire Marshal Fire 14409534343
Lucas Mike Law Director Administration 14409534128
Martin Elaine Clerical Administration Building 14409534118
McCoy Brian Golf Course Manager Parks & Recreation (440) 953-4280
Novak Alisa Clerk of Council / Civil Service Secretary (440) 953-4121
Palmisano Rich Service Director Service (440) 953-4110
Puskas Larry Chief Building and Zoning Inspector Building 14409534116
Sarosy David Program Coordinator Parks & Recreation 14409534200
Schultz James Police Chief Police 14409534229
Skolny Amy Senior Center Manager Parks & Recreation (440) 951-2832
Smith Philip Patrol Captain Police 14409534229
Sutton Becky Senior Center Program Coordinator Parks & Recreation (440) 951-2832
Tartaglia Matt Assistant Police Chief Police 14409534229
Thielman Tom Economic Development Director Community Development 14409534191
Tomaselli Maria Clerical Administration Building 14409534119
Ungar Todd Fire Chief Fire 14409534343