Bulk & Yard Waste Collection Resumes

Effective Monday, April 27th, Republic Services will resume bulk and yard waste collections. Please see notes below from Republic:

  • All items that are not carted will be required to be bagged and sealed
  • Recycling must be contained in the cart
  • We still may need to use alternative disposal methods if there are disruptions to recycling processing capabilities or if recycling contamination continues to increase.It is important to keep waste out of your recycling container and do not bag your recyclables
  • Yard waste must be bagged biodegradable bags or personal can marked “yard waste”; must be under 50 pounds bundled no longer than 4ft and 4 inches in diameter and no heavier than 30 pounds
  • Bulk furniture needs to be wrapped; mattresses need to be placed in mattress bags
  • Carpeting needs to be in strips at 8in diameter rolled up and no longer than 4ft
  • We may see a surge of material initially that takes us a little longer to collect and clear than normal

For specific questions, please contact Republic at 216.441.6300. The last day for the dumpsters at the Armory will be Friday, April 24th.