Daniels Park Dam Removal to begin August 28th

Daniels Park Dam removal project is scheduled to start on Aug 28th, and continue into the early fall. Portions of the Chagrin River and the East Branch of the Chagrin River at Daniels Park will be closed to the public as river corridor restoration activities begin to improve the river’s health.

The restoration project is being led by Chagrin River Watershed Partners in coordination with the City and funded through an H2Ohio grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Dam remnants will be removed from the Chagrin River, eroding riverbanks will be stabilized along the Chagrin River south of Johnnycake Ridge Road, and restoration of the East Branch tributary of the Chagrin River to a more stable configuration to reduce erosion and sedimentation south of Johnnycake Ridge Road. A wetland will be created in the former channel of the East Branch to create a habitat for spawning fish, waterfowl, and native plant species.

Upon completion, the project will improve the health of the Chagrin River, reduce sediment and nutrient pollution in Lake Erie, improve fish habitat for salmonid species such as steelhead, increase safe and public access to the river, and enhance connections to other protected areas in the Chagrin River corridor.

Community members can expect Daniels Park to be closed Monday – Friday. The park will be open on Saturdays and Sundays for pavilion rentals. Areas along the Chagrin River will be temporarily fenced off during construction to maintain safety for all park visitors. During active construction, public access to the Chagrin River channel will be restricted; signage will be posted. Access to the Chagrin River for fishing and other activities will resume after construction.