Safety Services Levy Information – Issue 2

THANK YOU, Willoughby for your support of Issue 2!

Safety Levy Information (recorded presentation from March 2023 Ward meeting)

The Need: Keeping our families, neighborhoods and city safe

Willoughby’s first responders face a number of challenges as they strive to keep our families, our neighborhoods, and our city safe and secure: 

  • A police headquarters facility that is unable to meet the changing demands of modern law enforcement because of its age, design and operating deficiencies. 
  • The current headquarters has limited space for needed improvements to a growing dispatch center, new technologies, mandated jail requirements and law enforcement workflow. 
  • A ladder truck that has been in service long beyond its normal life expectancy of 20 years.
  • The ongoing need to replace police and fire vehicles, equipment, and capital assets as they age. 

The Solution: Comprehensive Safety Services Plan

After consulting with nationally respected police facilities experts and carefully considering all options, including renovating the existing station and building new, city leaders drafted a comprehensive, cost-effective safety services plan that includes:  

  • Acquiring and converting the former Meister Media Building (37733 Euclid Ave) into a modern facility that has space for police training, a jail that complies with state mandates, and an expanded dispatch center with improved technology and equipment. Over the last 10 years, calls have increased 25% for each agency.
  • Acquiring a new ladder truck that will enhance the fire department’s ability to protect homes and businesses.
  • Creating a sustainable revenue stream that will enable the city to meet the future capital needs of our first responders.

The Cost: An investment in Willoughby’s future

Guided by a commitment to public safety, City Council unanimously voted in January to place Issue 2, a continuous 2.5 mills continuous property tax levy, on the ballot. Residents will be able to vote on the levy in the May 2, 2023 election.

  • Issue 2 will cost $88 per $100,000 of appraised home value annually.
  • Issue 2 will be partially offset when the existing .5 mil fire levy expires in May of 2024 
  • Issue 2 cannot be used for wages or benefits.

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