Lost Nation Municipal Airport (KLNN)

Lost Nation AirportThe Willoughby Lost Nation Municipal Airport (KLNN) is owned and operated by the City of Willoughby and is designated as a General Aviation Reliever Airport to Cleveland-Hopkins International and is part of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS).

The airport is located approximately 3 miles north of downtown Willoughby and 16 miles east of downtown Cleveland. Its 420+ acres are situated in the cities of Willoughby and Mentor, both in Lake County.

The airport has two runways: runway 5-23 which is 5,013 feet long by 100 feet wide, and runway 10-28 which is 4,835 feet long by 100 feet wide.

Navigation aids include VOR, PAPI, and REILS for runways 5-23 and VOR, PAPI, REILS, NDB and GPS for runways 10-28, with pilot controlled medium intensity runway/taxiway lighting systems.

Facilities include a full-service Fixed Base Operator (FBO) providing fuel, major airframe/powerplant repairs, aircraft tiedown and hangar storage. Based aircraft number 86 and include single- and multi-engine, turbo prop and jet with approximately 35-40 thousand aircraft operations annually. Additionally, there are 6 multi-tenant hangars to house private and corporate aircraft.

The airport’s administrative office is located at 38550 Jet Center Drive.

Full information for pilots can be found here.