February 2023

We are happy to report that University Hospitals Lake West Medical Center has been granted provisional approval as a Level 3 Trauma Center. A Level 3 designation allows UH Lake West Medical Center to offer more emergency care options, including resuscitation, surgery, intensive care, stabilization of injured patients, and emergency operations. This designation also helps our EMS services since transports to other hospitals should be reduced with these enhanced services at Lake West. We applaud University Hospital’s commitment to Willoughby and Lake County and look forward to working with them as they consider other healthcare opportunities at Lake West.

Over the past months, we have been reporting on the City’s purchase of the Meister Media building, located on Euclid Avenue, in anticipation of its renovation into our new Willoughby Police Department. The existing police station was constructed in 1975 and is now functionally obsolete. In addition, the current facility cannot adequately accommodate our expanded and more sophisticated police department. Of the three options considered for our Police Department, renovation of the Meister Building is the most cost-effective solution, substantially below building a new facility or renovating and expanding the current station. The Meister Building is a wonderful opportunity to provide our Police Department with a state-of-the-art facility to help law enforcement better serve our community. We recently passed legislation allowing the City to place a safety levy on the May 2023 ballot to pay for renovations and additions to the Meister Building. In addition, the levy will provide for ongoing capital needs for both our Fire and Police Departments. These capital items include fire, EMS, and police vehicles and equipment. Safety levy revenues will not be used for any wages or benefits. The safety levy is 2.5 mils, costing the owner of a $100,000 home about $88 per year. We will be hosting Ward meetings in the upcoming weeks. Meeting dates and locations will be published on our website and Facebook page when confirmed.

With the new year, we look forward to the continued planning for Osborne Park and the Chagrin River Trail. We will host community meetings for each project and encourage you to attend. Meeting dates and times will be posted on our website and Facebook page once confirmed.

Finally, as we move through the final months of winter, please be alert to any parking bans in heavy storm events. These bans are essential to allow our drivers access to plow our streets. Any bans will be posted on our Facebook page.