March 2023

We are proud to announce a few recent awards received by members of our Willoughby Police Department. In February, the Lake County Blue Coats awarded Patrolman Jackson Hyams the 2023 Jorge Medina Distinguished Service Award. In his nomination, Police Chief Jim Schultz applauded Patrolman Jackson for his acts of heroism beyond the call of duty for two separate events. The Lake County Blue Coats is a non-profit organization that recognizes the enormous contribution to our community by police and corrections officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and emergency dispatchers. The Lake County Blue Coats exists to provide financial assistance, acknowledge acts of valor, and provide scholarships to families of our first responders. Patrolman Hyams was also awarded the Lake County Association of Police Chiefs Medal of Honor. The LCACP’s Medal of Honor, their highest honor, is for an outstanding act of heroism in the line of duty at the imminent personal hazard of life, with full knowledge of the risk involved. Patrolman Hyams is also a K9 officer and is often seen with his K9 partner, Zaro.

Additionally, Patrolman Jackson Hyams, Brandon Zinner and Dispatcher Thomas Seymour received the Lake County Police Chiefs Life Saving Awards. This award is given for act(s) performed in the line of duty that, through disregard of personal safety or prompt and alert action, result in saving a life or a valiant effort to that end.  The LCCPA’s goal is to advance the science and art of law enforcement administration and crime prevention. Congratulations to these officers.

Beginning this month, City Council members will start hosting Ward Meetings. In addition to updates on projects within the Ward, we will share information and answer any questions about the upcoming Safety Levy. This levy, identified as Willoughby Issue 2, will provide funds to renovate the former Meister Media Building into a new police headquarters building. It also provides funds for ongoing capital needs for our Police and Fire Departments. This 2.5 Mills Safety Levy will cost an owner of a $100,000 home about $88 per year. The expiration of our .5 mill Fire Levy in 2024 will offset part of the levy costs. Please visit our website for the dates, times, and locations of these meetings. We look forward to sharing information about Issue 2 and welcome your thoughts and ideas about this safety levy. Contact information for all city officials can be found on our website or by calling Willoughby City Hall at 440-951-2800.

We look forward to hearing from you.