Osborne Park Re-Imagined – Project Update

In September 2021, the community gathered at Osborne Park to engage and share ideas about a re-imagined Osborne Park shoreline. The administration and City Council agreed this project should look beyond erosion control and develop a master plan for the Osborne Park shoreline. We expect the plan to be implemented in stages, but the end result would be a new lakefront that engages our residents and provides additional recreational amenities.

At this meeting, the community was presented with two design concepts for a visioning session focusing on what this space could be. This feedback was gathered and a hybrid design (“Master Plan”) was created.

On June 8, 2022, the community reconvened at the Willoughby Senior Center for a project update led by the design team from SmithGroup. The new park design concept was presented. SmithGroup shared the process taken to formulate the current design concept, budget targets, the plan to seek out grant opportunities and more.

Advancing the master plan is outlined in three steps. Objectives and goals for each step can be reviewed here. Take a virtual tour of the design concepts for a re-imagined Osborne Park.