Office of the Mayor

Mayor’s Report

Happy New Year.  As we’re now fully into the winter season it’s time for my annual “snow article”.

During snow events please remember to be aware of our snow plows and give them a wide berth if possible, just as you would for any other safety vehicle.  Snow plowing is a difficult and stressful job requiring long hours of concentration.  I know our drivers will appreciate any courtesy that you can show them.

We will once again be operating three shifts of plow drivers.  During the evening hours and overnight we will be concentrating on the main roads.  When the day shift starts about 7:00 am we will have enough personnel to start on the side streets.  We appreciate your understanding and patience in this regard.

Our policy for salting streets remains the same this year as in past years.  We will salt the main roads, hills and curves, but will only salt intersections on secondary streets and residential streets.  You will want to exercise caution as you approach the main roads from your side street.  We will generally not begin salting the ends of side streets until the day shift begins.  Limiting salting helps control our snow removal budget and is also being recommended by the Ohio EPA and numerous environmental organizations.  Keep in mind, though, that if a side street becomes extremely slippery you can notify our Service Department and we will send someone out to take care of it.

We’re looking forward to beginning a new year.  I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and I’ll look forward to sharing some financial information with you in the next few months regarding how we finished the year, as well as some thoughts on our upcoming budget.

Have a great month.